Jason Webb Clinics

Jason Webb – Australian Horsemanship

Equine Behaviourist Clinics

The aims of all our clinics are to:

  • develop a balanced and respectful relationship between horse and rider
  • develop a desire to understand how horses and humans interact successfully
  • develop con dence and control in ground and ridden work
  • learn how to handle and ride horses safely
  • learn skills to solve common problems
  • gain knowledge of the theory, psychology and training methods employed by Jason Webb at Capricorn Equestrian

Jason can help show you how!

With years of experience starting horses under saddle and retraining ‘problem’ horses, Jason’s methods can help to create a positive change in both you and your horse, whether you ride competitively or for leisure.

“I, along with everyone else was fascinated by your ability to achieve such amazing results in such a short time. Your calmness, understanding, knowledge and endless patience was just wonderful to watch.”

Diane Crickmore

We have clinics with Jason Webb at Australian Horse training on the following Tuesday’s

7th May8th July9th September4th November

£50 per session or £90 for both the inhand and ridden sessions

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